Sweet Filled Numbers
  • Sweet Filled Numbers

    If you are looking for that special gift, but something a bit more personal?... Then our fillable sweet numbers may be just for you! These are filled up with sweets of your choice from the list below or let us do the choosing for you! Please pick up to 6 sweets. (If more than 6 are picked we will take the last ones off your choices)


    If we don't have the number you are looking for, please send us a message. Let us know in enough time to ensure we can order and prepare for the date you need. We wrap the letters in cellophane and the coloured bow of your choice.


    This letter is made of white card and is food safe. Approx Size: 21 x 16.5 x 3 cm

    Weight will depend on number size and sweets but estimated between 500g and 600g.


    GF - Gluten Free / DF - Dairy Free / V - Vegetarian / VGN - Vegan

    • Pick & Mix Sweets List

      Haribo Rhubarb & Custard

      Haribo Giant Strawbs - GF, DF, V

      Haribo Giant Strawbs Zing - GF, DF

      Haribo Happy Cherries Zing - GF, DF

      Haribo Cola Bottles - GF, DF

      Jazzies (Milk) - V

      Snowie Stars (White) - V

      Pinkie Hearts

      Ice Cream Cones

      Pink Porky Pigs

      Chicken Feet - GF

      Fried Eggs - GF, DF

      Dolly Mix - GF, DF

      Tongue Painters - DF, V, VGN

      Mini Blue Dolphins - GF, DF

      Foam Bananas - GF, DF

      Bubblegum Mermaids - DF, V, VGN

      Yellow Belly Snakes - GF, DF

      Friendship Rings - GF, DF

      Fizzy Dracula Teeth - DF, V, VGN

      Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles - GF, DF

      Jelly Filled Turtles - GF

      Fizzy Apple Belts - DF, V, VGN

      Fizzy Strawberry Belts - DF

      Sour Worms - GF, DF

      Sour Peach Rings - GF, DF

      Fizzy Tropical Slices - GF, V

      Fizzy Watermelon Slices - GF, V

      Bubblegum Bonbons - GF, V

      Toffee Bonbons - GF, V

      Liquorice Allsorts - DF

      Barratts Black Jack Chews (Wrapped) - GF, DF, V

      Barratts Fruit Salad Chews (Wrapped) - GF, DF, V

      Marshmallow Flowers - GF, DF

      Jelly Filled Strawberry Mallows

      Mallow Tubes