Pick & Mix Dairy Free - 1kg

Pick & Mix Dairy Free - 1kg


This is our Pick & Mix 1kg Dairy Free Box list. Please pick up to 10 options from our list of sweets below and enter them into the comments box.


Haribo Fried Eggs

Haribo Twin Cherries

Tongue Painters

Dracula Teeth

Bubblegum Mermaids

Jelly Beans

Liquorice Allsorts

Baby Blue & White Dolphins

Jelly Snakes

Blackberry & Raspberry Gums

Jelly Babies

Dolly Mix

Fizzy Dracula Teeth

Fizzy Apple Belts

Fizzy Strawberry Belts - SOLD OUT

Fizzy Twin Cherries

Foam Bananas

Baby Pink Shrimp - *Back In Stock*

Mini White Marshmallows

Blue Raspberry Twisters

Strawberry Lances - *Back In Stock*

Strawberry Cable Bites

Rainbow Cable Shocks


*Sweet list updated 20th February*


Fancy more than just a 500g box? We also have 1kg boxes. We have Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free & Diary Free sweet options too!

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