Sweet Platter
  • Sweet Platter

    These tasty looking sweet platters are great for all occasions including Birthdays, Gender Reveals, Wedding Table Favours or just a night in with a film!


    You can pick up to 6 different sweets to fill the platter from our list below. If you wanted something more specific please send us a message! The platter has 6 sections which will be filled with each choice. Closed with a flat lid and finished with ribbon.


    GF - Gluten Free / DF - Dairy Free / V - Vegetarian / VGN - Vegan

    • Pick & Mix Sweets List

      Haribo Rhubarb & Custard

      Haribo Giant Strawbs - GF, DF, V

      Haribo Giant Strawbs Zing - GF, DF

      Haribo Happy Cherries Zing - GF, DF

      Haribo Cola Bottles - GF, DF

      Jazzies (Milk) - V

      Snowie Stars (White) - V

      Pinkie Hearts

      Ice Cream Cones

      Pink Porky Pigs

      Chicken Feet - GF

      Fried Eggs - GF, DF

      Dolly Mix - GF, DF

      Tongue Painters - DF, V, VGN

      Mini Blue Dolphins - GF, DF

      Foam Bananas - GF, DF

      Bubblegum Mermaids - DF, V, VGN

      Yellow Belly Snakes - GF, DF

      Friendship Rings - GF, DF

      Fizzy Dracula Teeth - DF, V, VGN

      Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles - GF, DF

      Jelly Filled Turtles - GF

      Fizzy Apple Belts - DF, V, VGN

      Fizzy Strawberry Belts - DF

      Sour Worms - GF, DF

      Sour Peach Rings - GF, DF

      Fizzy Tropical Slices - GF, V

      Fizzy Watermelon Slices - GF, V

      Bubblegum Bonbons - GF, V

      Toffee Bonbons - GF, V

      Liquorice Allsorts - DF

      Barratts Black Jack Chews (Wrapped) - GF, DF, V

      Barratts Fruit Salad Chews (Wrapped) - GF, DF, V

      Marshmallow Flowers - GF, DF

      Jelly Filled Strawberry Mallows

      Mallow Tubes

    What Colour Ribbon & Bow?