100 Calorie Mix & Match Bundle

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These 100 Calorie Mix & Match Bundles are perfect for controlling the amount of sweets you are having by us working out our Pick & Mix sweets and putting them into 100 Calorie bags! Why should you miss out on all the treats?

You will receive TWO of each bag from the option you pick.SIX bags in total.

1. Take a look at the options in the photos

2. In each drop down box pick which you would like

3. Complete all three drop down boxes

4. Then add to cart!

You can pick all the same bags or a mix of different ones! Choice is down to you. These come in striped paper bags and stuck with our 100 Cal stickers. They are then boxed to send.

*Calories have been worked out by weighing and using the calories from packaging of our sweet products.

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